SYMPHONY Home Business in 2012 for Windows 10


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The program helps support sales and warehouse. Exhibiting the documents of sale, inventory, purchasing and payments. It works with printers and cash registers and barcode readers. It has been adapted for the exchange of electronic documents using the Symphony Home e-documents. Comfortable handling and sales planning policy-Keeping price-discount-Keeping pricing currency-trading Schedules contractors (according to the documents and goods) and goods (according to the documents, and contractors to control residual supply) - The possibility of postponing the invoice to the buffer (waiting room) Full support Full record store-inventory - accounting quantity and value of goods (up to 1,000 active assortments) - Clearance of securities by the actual price by methods FIFO, LIFO, and according to the specified delivery-Conduct an inventory-service and low level of goods-service sets ( assortment consisting of many goods and / or services) - Supports serial numbers of goods Full payment processing and clearing-Full support for cash-clearing receivables and payables-service bank accounts, record checks and payments in any forms Sharing data with other programs-Prepare data for programs that support revenue and expense ledger and sales records shall be co-extensive with the programs' financial and accounting (accounting schemes to create multiple documents, parametric setting synthetic and analyst, division accounted for amounts of) - Cooperation with MS Office, among others, statements copy to the Windows clipboard and transfer them to other programs (MS Excel or MS Word) - Extend the functionality of the opportunity to collaborate with the Symphony Home e-documents for managing and archiving of electronic invoices in circulation company. Collaboration with Business Start międzyfirmami.plSymfonia through the e-documents has been designed to interact with the Internet service that allows fast and secure exchange of electronic documents.